With an exceptional program that involved many artists and performers of the region, Tuesday, April 18 the concert-event “Solidarity in Music” at the Politeama Rossetti was held.

An evening full of many emotions, in which art met the values of sharing and charity: the proceeds were donated to the people from Syria and Turkey as part of a project in collaboration with Maram Foundation and HOPE for.

The event was opened by:

– Irene Antonione from AIMeS Organizzazione Eventi

– Linda Rei from Donk HM

– Cristina Santin who, together with Ilaria Zanetti, has taken care of the musical part of the show.

The evening was made possible thanks to the collaboration of several people and organizations who worked for the success of the event.

A special mention goes to the Municipality of Trieste for the co-organization, in particular to the Department of Health and Social Policies led until a few days ago by Carlo Grilli, to the Politeama – Il Rossetti and in particular to President Francesco Granbassi. 

We also want to thank all those who have collaborated pro bono for the success of the initiative: AIMeS Organizzazione Eventi, UWC Adriatic, the artistic directors Irene Antonione and Ilaria Zanetti, Studio Sandrinelli, Marta Vuch and all the volunteers of Donk HM.

We thank all the artists who have performed on stage and gave life to Solidarity in music: Daniela Mazzuccato, Max Renè Cosotti, Andrea Binetti, Isabella Comand, Maria Giovanna Michelini, Selma Pasternak, Adriana Tomišić, Federica Vinci, Ilaria Zanetti, Stefania Seculin, Leonardo Zannier, Francesca Bergamasco, Luca Brotto, Elena Caineri, Marzia Postcolautti, Elke Burul, Francesco Cevaro, Valentino Pagliei, Chia Sultan Ahmed, Eduardo Contizanetti, Corrado Gulin, Eleonora Lana, Ghenadie Rotari, Alessandra Sagelli, Cristina Santin, Martina Seleni, Toni Kozina, Valentina Vargiu, Maria Bruna Rotunno and the students of the UWC Adriatic.