Who we are

Our Mission

DonK Humanitarian Medicine (DonK HM), formerly Don Kisciotte, in an independent and non-partisan social-health voluntary associations, which offers free health care to all people, both foreigners and Italian, who are not guaranteed access to medical treatments. In fact, despite the fact that the National Health Service offers free health care for the indigent and asylum seekers in urgent conditions, there are still temporal gaps in which these people do not have access to basic medical care

DonK HM is also present with initiatives to promote a culture of peace, solidarity and respect for human rights. 

DonK HM is a VO registered in the voluntary service registers in Italy and a recognized NGO in Switzerland. 

Consult her the statute of our association


DonK HM was born in Naples in 2005 with the aim of guaranteeing each individual the right to health. In 2012 it then moved to Trieste, the gateway to the Balkan immigration route, where people have been arriving for years, guided by the hope of a new life in Europe

In Trieste, thanks to the collaboration with some large associations that deal with hospitality, the 50 volunteers of DonK HM visit more than 2000 people a year including adults and children, Italians and foreigners.

Since its foundation, DonK HM has already assisted aver 10,000 people, from over 30 countries of origin and providing approximately 1,500 packs of drugs per year. 



After the successful experience of volunteering in Naples with the Don Kisciotte association founded in 2005, Don Kisciotte Trieste section was born in Trieste, now called DonK Humanitarian Medicine.  

Since 2013

Beginning of medical voluntary work at the Community of San Martino al Campo in Trieste, to offer free health care for the poor guests of the day center in Via Udine.

Since 2016

Beginning of medical voluntary work at Caritas Trieste, to offer free health care for the poor guests of the reception facilities managed by the institution. 

December 2016

Eleonora Cantamessa Award for the health care project for asylum seekers in the city of Trieste.

Since 11/2016

We participate annually in the cold Emergency Protocol of the Municipality of Trieste, offering our support and our medical expertise to all associations that deal with assistance and hospitality. 

Since 2017

Start of health care for asylum seekers housed in Casa Malala (Trieste), managed by the ICS association. 

From january 2019

The Integrated University Healthcare Company of Trieste and DonK HM enter into a free agreement designed to provide ad effective first response to the need to protect the health of migrants and identify a health / assistance response appropriate to the presence of applicants for international in the area

Starting May 2022
Donk Network is active, the e-learning platform of the Volunteering organization Donk Humanitarian Medicine, created thanks to the funding of the Autonomous Region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia and in collaboration with Heart4Children, to provide free distance training to operators, volunteers, health and paramedical personnel involved in the fields of reception and assistance.
Starting May 2023
In addition to the continuous medical care services on the territory comes Donky, the mobile clinic that allows our volunteers to provide direct care to fragile people.