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DonK Humanitarian Medicine is an independent and non-partisan social-health voluntary association, which offers free health care to all people, both foreigners and Italians, who are not guaranteed access to medical care. Although the Italian National Health Service offers free health care for the indigent and asylum seekers in urgent conditions, there are still time gaps in which these people do not have access to basic medical care. DonK HM is also present with initiatives to promote a culture of peace, solidarity and respect for human rights. 

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Manned clinics in the provinces of Trieste and Gorizia

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Project created to support the clinic in the village of Arameras, in Albania, with which money, toys, clothes and medicines were collected and sent to their destination from Bari with the help of the Italian military.

“Sancio Pancia” Project

“Sancio Pancia” Project

In Naples, clinic and listening point to be able to offer social and health assistance to those who have difficulty in using public facilities or who cannot afford private visits.


Donk Network

The free e-learning platform that trains those who operate in the field of reception and assistance of fragile people.

Project Donky

We present the mobile clinic of the Volunteering organization Donk Humanitarian Medicine, that allows the volunteer doctors and nurses to oversee the territory and provide assistance on site, in addition to the already existing clinics.

About us

“DonK’s role has proved to be fundamental in supporting us to ensure initial health care for asylum seekers upon their arrival in Trieste from the Balkan route. The professionalism of the volunteer doctors, as well as their human sensitivity and the predisposition to dialogue represent a decisive aspect for the initiation of a path of welcome and protection.”

“The presence of DonK volunteers once a week, at the Day Center in via Udine in Trieste, in the last 10 years has made it possible to monitor the health conditions of hundreds of homeless people, Italian and foreign, passing through or permanent on the territory of the province of Trieste. The collaboration of doctors has proved invaluable in diagnosing and possibly reporting pathologies often resulting from street life to specialist services. Motivation, competence, humanity and flexibility characterize their service intended for those who offer suffer in body and soul because, even if ill, they are in a condition of total invisibility.”

“The fruitful collaboration relationship between the Caritas Trieste Foundation and the DonK association has allowed the establishment of medical clinic located at the “Teresiano” shelter in via dell’Istria for the benefit of all people welcomed at the Foundation’s facilities. Thanks to DonK’s support, we have been able to pay particular attention to the most vulnerable situations and to people who have just entered our facilities.”

How to help us

The support of individuals, companies, foundations, allows DonK HM to treat those in need every day does not have access to assistance from the Italian National Health System. So, we can carry out a preventive action and lightening the emergency services and bringing, with sustainable projects over time, free health care to countries where access to care is really limited.