Tuesday, April 18 was a day full of emotions for our Association. While the solidarity concert was underway in Trieste, our volunteer Giovanna Cornelio went to Turin to collect the “Persona e Comunità” award that was given to us by the Centro Studi Cultura e Società di Torino. 

The aim of this award, open to public administrations and volunteering organizations, is to enhance and disseminate the experiences that put in the foreground the development, well-being and care of the person.

Awards like this show that we are on the right path and that, thanks to the daily action of our volunteers, for example with the project HELP – The clinic for all, we help all those who do not have access to medical care and therefore cannot enjoy the right to health.

 “HELP – The clinic for all” was realized thanks to the funding of the 8×1000 of the Waldensian Church, which we thank for the support.