Solidarity is the value that unites DonK HM and the Waldensian Evangelical Church – Union of Methodist and Waldensian Churches. In 2020 there were 790 projects that, in Italy alone, this structure supported through the donation of 8×1000, highlighting how the Third Sector is a concrete reality that carries out fundamental projects.

In particular, it is recognized that the right to health is the first inalienable right for every individual, and it is certainly the first step towards a path of independence of all kinds. “DonK Humanitarian Medicine is part of those odvs that manage activities in the area with competence and professionalism,” said Manuela Vinay, head of the Otto per Mille Office of the Waldensian Table.

The protection of health and accessibility to care are DonK’s objectives which embrace the value of solidarity and which allow the most vulnerable to feel part of society.