Our thanks go to the Neri Pharmacies that support the 5×1000 campaign. In fact, in the pharmacies of Trieste and Muggia, you can find the brochure that illustrates how to allocate your 5×1000 in your tax return.

DonK HM is registered in the list of non-profit organizations that can benefit from this contribution which represents the share of tax on the income of individuals that the taxpayer, according to the principles of fiscal subsidiarity, can allocate to non-profit organizations by selecting the box “Volunteering and Onlus” and specifying the tax code of the chosen entity (90133540329 in the case of DonK HM).

DonK HM health care activities provided by volunteers are completely free thanks to the contribution of individuals, companies and foundations sensitive to the values ​​of equality, solidarity and hospitality who have decided to share the principles.

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