Pier Eugenio Gobbato, known to his friends as Piero, is the director of the complex structure of Anesthesia and Intensive Care of the Monfalcone Hospital and has also been one of DonK’s volunteers for many years. About ten days ago he was among the first to provide free assistance to Ukrainian refugees staying at Casa Stani, one of the reception centers managed by Caritas in Trieste. Here, together with colleagues and helped by mediators to overcome the language barrier, they verified the needs of the people present, mainly women and children of all ages. Few chronic diseases were detected, for which we took action to find the drugs necessary for the continuation of treatment, while mostly it is support for checks for those who wear glasses or dental braces. The main goal is to create an initial contact, a welcome that also passes through the health part to help these people settle in and learn about the procedures we have in Italy. Contact with the centers is daily, beyond routine visits, and the association can refer to the network of doctors which brings together many disciplines and therefore can respond to different needs as in the case of pediatricians given the large presence of minors.