Last week the volunteer doctors went to Casa Stani, the reception center run by Caritas Trieste, to carry out a first screening of women, girls and children from Ukraine who find hospitality here. While waiting to formalize the administrative and bureaucratic procedures for the visa application, and therefore to be able to access the National Health Service, it is important to be able to guarantee them medical support – thanks also to the precious presence of Russian and Ukrainian mediators – to assess the general state of health and verify any specific needs of those who, for example, have not brought with them a sufficient supply of drugs or need periodic checks that have remained pending.


Along with this, the association’s PayPal account ( is always active and the money that is collected now is used to purchase specific health supplies to be sent to Ukraine and at the borders, through dedicated channels.


DonK HM also wants to act as a collector of doctors and nurses (even retired) who feel the desire to make themselves available, to donate a part of their time and their professionalism to address this emergency too, of which what we are experiencing it’s probably just the beginning. Those interested can write to or call 351 757 0753 (also valid for WhatsApp and telegram).